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Spooky Tuesday - Man On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spooky Tuesday - Man On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Man On The Moon
Spooky Tuesday
		   Man on the Moon - Spooky Tuesday

Verse 1:

Momma gave me money, sent me off to school 
But I'd rather use the money for some Taco Bell food
F                                    G                 C
Cause the food they serve at school ... don't look too good.

There's the jocks and the surfers and the wanna-be studs,
Skateboarders, cowboys, and all sorts of clubs, 
F         G
Teachers ... and security guards.


Am        C    Am          C         Am              C            G
Can't you see?  I'm having fun here.  It's just like heaven being here.
Am         C     Am             C         Am            C                    G
Is it just me ... that's having fun here.  I'd like for you to have fun with me.
         C              Am        F           G   C
G let's give a hand to those who make school possible. [x2]

Verse 2:

I love it when my teacher fills my bag with homework, 
I like to hear the lectures of Hitler and Toto,
F           G                C
but most of all I like being bored.

Ooo can I be in the new clothes fad, 
Buy me something that everybody's wearing
F             G                       C
Maybe I'll be different and wear some plaid.

Verse 3:

There's a man with a walkie-talkie all the girls love,
And a guy in a car that likes to chase the bad boys
F        G               C
I wish I were a security guard.

James Yoneda - - email me, anyone (esp. corrections)     
Добавлено: 30.09.2013
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