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Spiritualized - 200 Bars - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spiritualized - 200 Bars - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Jason Pierce
Авторы текста: Jason Pierce
200 Bars
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Song: 200 Bars
Performers: Spiritualized
Album: Lazer Guided Melodies
Writer: Jason Pierce

_Notes:_ Another impossibly beautiful construct from
Jason's unparalleled carreer. This is the song that
wraps up Lazer Guided Melodies, with its romantic
themes resolving in something as pure and beautiful as
a voice gently counting to 100. It's also minimalistic
and both incredibly wistful as well as musically
adventurous (it is _precisely_ 200 bars in length!).
Haven't seen a transcription of this here it

_Effects:_ During the intro (first half) play with
echo and phase, the rest is played with just flange or
phase. (Keyboards!)

_Tuning:_ Traditionally keyboard songs --> are  --
played in standard tuning :-) (EADGBe)

Define chords:

C   - X32010 or X35553
G   - 320003 or 355433

_Rhythm:_ This song is played in 4/4 time.


intro riff (the counting bit)

e 3------------
B --------5-7-8
G -------------
D -------------
A -------------
E -------------
          x25 (yes, 25)

The rest of the song:

e ------------------
B 1-1---1-----------
G ----2------0-0---0
D ---------------2--
A ------------------
E ------------------
           x25 (yes, 25)


C - 2 bars           
G - 2 bars
       x50 (yes, 50 :-)
You can visit my Spiritualized site at
for more information about this band. There is also a
guitar tabs section where things like this are

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Thanks again...
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