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Spin Doctors - Uranium Century - текст песни, видео

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Spin Doctors - Uranium Century - текст песни, видео

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Look at yourselves, ye people

Fighting on like children

With crafts forgotten in your limbs

Why not turn your hands to them

Look at yourselves, ye nations

Warring on like hostiles 

With your world in your palms 

Don?¦? ?° you know this will never do

On a map this veer in the road 

I?¦? ?? like to see

This veer in the road:

The Uranium Century

Look at yourselves, ye beings

Stepping from branch to angel

With waxen wings t?¦? ??ard the sun

Saying, ?¦????his is the only way to fly.?BR> 

I?¦? ?? like to know which mushroom

It will be 

The lightning shows

The Uranium Century

Shadows of shadows on a wall

Is all I see

This star above the wall:

The Uranium Century
Добавлено: 18.06.2012
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