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Spin Doctors - Big Fat Funky Booty - текст песни, видео

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Spin Doctors - Big Fat Funky Booty - текст песни, видео

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My baby's nice, she's so polite.

She says "please? when she ask me

Stay the night

She's around the house, she love me so.

She pickin' up a little bit of my 

Rising, rising dough.

Good lordy god, my gosh all mighty,

Her booty fine, and it's trimmed so tidy,

Horseradish, mama, just a smidge,

Spend a whole lotta time peekin' into 

Her big old kitchen fridge.

Gotta love it, it's my duty

She gotta big fat funky booty,

Not above it, makes me moody

Whole mess of big fat funky booty

Waoh! sweet sugar plum

I'm crippled, blind, a little deaf and dumb.

It?¦? ?? wonderful, could I get a little more?

'Cause it's about as wide as my big old garage door.

We?¦? ?®e in bed and it?¦? ?? late at night, she put her

Arms around me and she hold me tight

But I say, ?¦????o baby, no baby, no,

But I sure could use a bit of your funky booty though.?
Добавлено: 28.02.2012
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