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Sparks - Biology 2 - текст песни, видео

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Sparks - Biology 2 - текст песни, видео

Просмотров: 177
Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Earle Mankey
Авторы текста: Earle Mankey
"Hey Lisa, they're having a big party down at the Allele Pool tonight!"

 "Oooh, let's do it!"

 You will put your good traits in
 You will put your bad traits out

 Do the Homozygous as you shake them all about

 Unless you've got your dominance down in
 your genes you'll have a kid, invalid
 just like Mendel's beans
 Oh hold me, you know you are my one and only phenotype
 And together we could have a genotype

 Darwin willed that we would do or die
 Brains and brawn are both in great supply

 Kalikaks a-swimmin' back and forth will multiply
 You could choose your ancestors and grow just like a weed
 Pick a stud to congeal your blood, and get your earlobes freed
Добавлено: 26.11.2013
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