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Sparks The Rescue - Autumn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sparks The Rescue - Autumn - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sparks The Rescue
Tabbed by: Kody Sullivan. Enjoy! :D Gonna keep the chord names simple, so take a look at 
the key I made! Listen to the acoustic version for the strumming feel, etc.

C = [x3201x]
G = [32001x]
Am= [x02210]
Cm= [x3321x]
(Dm=Cm just A step higher)
Em= [022000]

C, G, Am, Cm

C           G            Am
Girl, you remind me of summertime
        Cm                          C
But now you need time to clear your mind
                G                      Am
You're tripping over what is wrong and right
     Cm                                G Am
Just decide, I've been waiting all night

Think back, think back, to the summertime
I would cross through these state lines
Am                    Cm
You were always on my mind
It should not be this hard to see
How to get from point A to B
Am                    Cm
Without losing sleep, without losing sleep

C G                        Am
I will follow the electric lines
        Cm                         C
With my electric heart I then will find
  G                                 Am
A way through all these damn street signs
            Cm                       Am
But I'll be there, I'll wait by your side
A         Am
Ooo, by your side


Am          Em
We spin, we spin
Cm  Dm            Am
And fall onto the floor
Em                 Cm
You're such a lovely lady
Am          Em
We spin, we spin
Cm  Dm              Am
And circle round once more
Em                       Cm     Dm
Though it's making me crazy, yeah

[Chorus x2]
Добавлено: 04.06.2012
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