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Spandau Ballet - Once More - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spandau Ballet - Once More - аккорды и текст, видео

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Once More
Spandau Ballet
ONCE MORE Spandau Ballet (2009)
Sorry can't draw the Tab so I will describe the chords.
 (You know the drill Take off and add your little finger to go from the straight chord 
sus 2 (I use an A shape on the 5th fret for C barring the third fret and again barring at 
5th fret for D and an F shape starting on the third fret for G  but any chord 
shespe you prefer will do.)

Dsus2    D   C      Csus2  G (run down 
notes G F# E )   Dsus2  D
D string 4th fret to 2nd fret

Bm		         D				         C
I dont wanna let you down, I just want a chance to turn this love

	 Am7		       D
I keep searching for the sound
Bm                  D                           C
I dont wanna do you wrong, I just wanna take us back where we belong
        Am7              D
We were hot and we were, oh so strong
F			             G
Ooh I know We'll make it if we try
F                                        G
Reach for the stars and we can touch the sky

Darling, once more
Wont you give me one more time
G                                                          D                             
these words together, I need you more than ever trying once more
One more chance to make it right
Never say never

Lets rise up together
Take on the world


Am7//   Bm//
Bm                    D
I dont wanna change a thing
I dont wanna change this whisper to a scream
         Am7                 D
Same old song in a different dream
Bm                     D
Sorry that I stole the show
I cant believe I had your heart and let it go
       Am7             D
Always loved you but I didn t know

F                                  G
Ooh theres nothing standing in our way
F                                  G
We ve got the love but do we wanna play

D   C  G   D

 C                           D
Let's stick around, go round again
C                      D
Another chance to make amends

Key change E  D  A

Lets rise up together
            G                        A
Take on the world (3x)

Bm7//  Cm//
Добавлено: 10.03.2012
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