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Spacemen 3 - Revolution - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spacemen 3 - Revolution - аккорды и текст, видео

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Spacemen 3
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Song: Revolution
Performers: Spacemen 3
Album: Playing With Fire
Writer: Peter Kember

Transcribed by Aaron Heisler

_Notes:_ Fifth track on Playing With Fire - an
incendiary song very much in the MC5 vein, and one of
the harshest Spacemen 3 songs ever. This is
essentially a solo composition by Sonic that shows up
on the Spacemen 3 album. Ironically, this is one of
the most widely known Sp3 songs even though it is
wildly uncharacteristic - it was their most popular
single, and was bastardized by Mudhoney (a move which
caused Sonic to retaliate, vastly improving "When
Tommorrow Hits" on Recurring). Still a brilliant song,
and the only overtly political song the Spacemen ever

_Effects:_ This is heavily distorted. Any generic fuzz
pedal will do the trick. This song is essentially all
power chords.

_Tuning:_ Sounds standard (EADGBe) to me...

Define chords:

E5 - X799XX or 022XX0 
D5 - X577XX or X00X3X or 10,12,12,X,X,X
G5 - X,10,12,12,X,X or 355XXX
A5 - X,12,14,14,X,X or 577XXX

*For D5 (alternate): form a Dsus/F# chord, but leave
Es, G muted

_Rhythm:_ The song is played in 4/4. After the intro
(see below), the only chords used are E5 and D5 Play
E5 for 1 3/4 bars, strum D5 once, and repeat.

All the solos are essentially variations on this:

e - 0-0-3h5h6p5p3p0



/ = Slide up
\ = slide down

E5 (strum twice, pause, strum once) / 
G5 (strum twice, pause, strum once) /
A5 (strum once) \


E5 (1 bar)
E5 (3 strums)
D5 (1 strum)

Then just play that verse sequence through the whole

You can visit my Spiritualized site at
for more information about this band. There is also a
guitar tabs section where things like this are
exchanged but as this is a Spacemen 3 tab it does not

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Thanks again...
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