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South Park (OST) - Circle Of Poo - текст песни, видео

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South Park (OST) - Circle Of Poo - текст песни, видео

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Mr.Hankey:Everything that lives on earth poos in some way
And thats how the cycle happens each and everyday
Just look at the green green grass and the birds up in the sky
Its all here because of poo and now ill tell you why

Grass is eaten by the cattle
Which is eaten by women and men
Defuses with their body, and becomes poo again
And that poo goes through the sewer 
which is tucked into the sea
and its eaten by the plankton which becomes the fishes me
We got bigger fish with the poo still inside
Swims up near the shore and gets eaten alive
By a grizzly bear that poos on a dead piece of sand
So that it can spring to the life and become poo for the land!

Its the poo of the antelope, the poo of the giraffe
Which crawls up to the earth, and becomes the blades of grass
The grass is eaten by the cattle, which comes out the other end
To make poo for the humans, and start all over again.

Mr.Hankey: You see son? Youre not an insignificate part of life! 
You are life!
Cornwallis: But how can I be that blade of grass? Or a human? 
I dont control what they do
Mr.Hankey: Just like your heart beets without u thinking about it.
So do your giraffes and humans do what they do. Without you even
thinking about it!But it is all one life form.It is all you.
Cornwallis: I think I see now (deep singinge voice)
Im the poo of the antelope, that flows onto the ground
Mr.Hankey: Which becomes the grass of tomorrow
Cornwallis: Yea
Mr.Hankey: Which the critters turn around
Cornwallis: And I'm the leg of a leopard. And the wings of a hen.
Both: Which becomes the inner part of humans, and turn back to 
poo again. Thats the circle, the circle of poooooooooooo.
Добавлено: 30.04.2012
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