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Sorority Noise - Corrigan - таба, видео

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Sorority Noise - Corrigan - таба, видео

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                             Corrigan (Acoustic) - Sorority Noise
Tabbed by: .Razr

Just a quick lil' version of this I did by ear. Plays along fine with the track on the record. Leave any
suggestions or different ways you play in the comments. 

Tuning: Drop C#


When I'm going into the interlude after the first chorus I'll hit the bottom two strings on the 10th fret then 
do some chucks before I go back into the pattern.

Listen to the track to get the strum pattern and whatnot, shouldn't be too difficult. 

Also, I usually mute the first verse and then play the rest of the song full out. 

If you're having trouble with the pinky finger sliding for the diddy on that last chord you can just play a
barred 5th fret and it should sound fine.

For some variation (more treble) you can play the first chord like so:


Hope you enjoyed, here's the lyrics so you don't have to open a new tab:

All I wanna be is the one you sometime miss.
When you're with your friends.
I wanna be the spit that tingles on your lips.
And if you find yourself scared to be alone.
All I wanna be is the house you call a home.

All I'll ever be is the sound of grinding teeth.
The Autumn wind that blows your hair and the hand that's out of reach.
if you think you cant find a way to breathe.
All I'll ever be is the smoke to clear the scene.

I will never be the one you need.
I only hope to be the solid ground beneath your feet.
I will never be the turning of your leaves.
I just hope to be the one you call when you cant sleep.

Добавлено: 06.11.2015
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