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Sonata Arctica - No Dream Can Heal A Broken Heart - текст песни, видео

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Sonata Arctica - No Dream Can Heal A Broken Heart - текст песни, видео

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My dream, it seems, fails to see the mornings 
My one and only aim 
I hear you breathe, I'm not alone in the darkness 
I feel something on my lips I should not 

One, too many poison kisses 
And I'm drowning in the deepest see 
I found my destination, what I'm here for 
I'm knocking on my heaven's door 

One day we will run out of tomorrows 
And yesterday's become the stuff our dreams are made of 

Until today, I lived in the shadow world 
Now heart is speaking, brain's defeated 
Independent thought deleted... 

One too many poisoned kisses... 
And I'm drowning in your deepest sea 
I found my destiny, something I'm here for... 
I'm knockin' on my heaven's door. 

And the map to find my sleepin wishes 
Is hidden where I cannot see 
When I'm awake, I need your poison kisses 
To fall back in a living dream... 

"Why do you fear to long for my love, please be strong. 
If your heart can hear a song, you can't go wrong... 
So repose your trust in me, save this love, live and see 
If the life beyond this dream is what you seek..." 

"Fill your deepest wishes, 
Come take my poison kisses 
Life is too short, this golden hour lats for a lifetime..." 

Give me your poison kiss, 
Now, come night, I need my sleeping wish 
Help me dream again, somehow kiss me now 

With your poisoned lips 
Oh, come night, I want my missing wish 
Help me get one kiss, somehow 
Hold me now 

No dream can heal a broken heart... 
When we're apart... 

... On the sea of wishes 
My dream that no one misses 
Tears me apart, always somehow 
Goodbye love...
Добавлено: 30.09.2013
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