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Sonata Arctica - Gravenimage - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sonata Arctica - Gravenimage - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sonata Arctica
GRAVENIMAGE- Sonata Arcitca
Acoustic version by sinForge xJp
This IS NOT based on a recording/performance!!
Standard Tuning (EADGBe), Capo 4

*Notes to the player*
The purpose of this, as most of my SA tabs, is to arrange the music 
to be more appropriate for an accoustic guitar.  There is only so much
I am able to do to incorperate the WALL of music into one instrument,
but I do my best.  Tony has proven himself to me as a very aggressive
interlude writer, so in instances like this, I try and simplify that
section to fit the settings.. however, you are free to use my guidelines
and run free!!  Have fun!! 

[Main Theme]
A|-3-----------0----0--------|-3-----------2--------|-  *Immitates keys,
E|---------------------------|-------------0--------|-   improv as desired.
   C     D    Asus4 A          C     D     Em   

A|-3-----------0------0--------|-3----0----2--------||-  *Play 4x for Intro &
E|-----------------------------|------2----0--------||-   as noted btwn Verses.
   C     D    A4add6  A          C   D/F#  Em     

*Feel free to finger-pick or arpeggiate the early verses*

Em          Am             G       D      
We met that night when the sea ran high
      Em         Am           G           D
And I craved for more of that near-love experience
C             D          Em            Bm         C        D
Those who the music hath then joined together are now put asunder

[Main Theme]

(Em)     Am        G       D
Remember me when I lit the fire
   Em      Am        G           D
To keep us warm on a cold winter morning
C                      D        Em          Bm          C         D 
Now I pass through the moment.. Can I still recognize a beautiful.. melody?

[Main Theme x2]

 (Em)    Am        G       D 
I play a note, but hear no sound 
       Em      Am          G       D
Have I lost my love or the wings I found?
C          D          Em       Bm        C           D
When I was young, and eager to please anyone who had time..

[Main Theme x2]

Em        Am            G       D  
Needed to sing the very notes I heard
       Em          Am          G            D           C
Had to stay in the shadows and seek for the loneliness..
                  D                           Em
Nevertheless, the price was higher than I had realized
         Bm                   C                                      
I was to live alone, ready to make the sacrifice..
Was I in love with you?

Em     Am            G       D
My old heart, little harder again
         Em         Am   G          D           C
Once the light goes out, everything ends, it is time..
                 D                        Em
Ready to cause a scene, ready to make the sacrifice
         Bm                      C
Ready to play the note, ready to end the final show
The only thing I know..

    Am      C       Em     G    
The pain is here to stay I fear.. 
Am    C      Em    G          C        Am       C       
In my eyes.. I can change one note and make you cry
Em               G      Am      C    B
In this state of mind.. Silence is a crime

*Interlude progression SIMPLIFIED in some cases*

Em.. D.. C.. D.. | Em.. D.. | C  Am  B...
Em.. D.. C.. D.. | Em.. D.. | C  Am  B...

Gm.. D/F#.. Eb5.. F.. | Gm.. D/F#.. | Eb5 C  D  F# D.. F  C/E

Em.. D.. C.. D.. | Em.. D.. | C  Am  B...

Gm.. D/F#.. Eb5.. F.. | Gm.. D/F#.. | Eb5 C  D  F# D.. F  C/E  B7

Em      Am         G           D
How can life be so feigned and cold?
     Em           Am            G       D
I've answered the call of every melody, lovingly
C              D          Em     Bm                   
Did I find the answers to all my questions,
     C     D        Em   C#dim   
Or a gravenimage of me..

[Main Theme x2, sing some Oh's while you're at it]

     C         D      Asus4  A
If I found the hidden foun - tain.. 
          C      D        Em
Drank the wisdom from its deep..
        C        D       A4add6 A
Would I have the time to save   me?
        C           D/F#   Esus4  E   Em   *vocally hold the M3 even after you release to Em*
Would I have.. them both.. to..   keep..?
Добавлено: 17.05.2012
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