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Soapdish - Aimee - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Soapdish - Aimee - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Title: Aimee
Artist: Soapdish
Tabbed by: Rodel F. Fariñas
Date: August 3, 2006
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Intro: E-F#m-Abm-A (2x) B-

I'm here downstairs
staring at your father 
while you wonder what to wear
phone rings, I got to go
cannot miss the party
that my sisters got to throw
      Abm      A
I'm sorry i cant stay
F#m     Abm             A          B
I'll make it up to you some other day

Now I'm pissed, oh d**ned
never realizing that a 
small brain can't understand
so shut up, take notes
follow my directions 
then I'll show you where to vote
F#m                         Abm
I've been alive, I've been awake
I've been listening to your songs, I think I played it far too long
F#m                     Abm
its getting cold, the future seems so
 A                                     F#m-Abm-A-
blurry non, I wish I have you hand to hold

 E              A
Aimee you've been a part of me...(3x)
         C#m  C#m    Cm-Bm      A
tell me why, why you have to cry?

Now all is gone, I'm alone
couldn't be a single tree
would stand up on its own
but we're weak and I'm scared
frightened to discover
that you wont even know I cared
  F#m                         Abm
and since you've gone, I live my dreams
I've been playing all your songs it keeps on playing all night long
                      Abm                A-B-
I'm getting old and hopefully I'll follow you

E               A
Aimee you've been a part of me....
         C#m   Cm-Bm          A
tell me why, why you have to die? 

enoy this...
this one of the great songs of soapdish....
mabuhay po mga banda ng pilipino.....
tnx po and pakirate na lang po.....
hi to rocky guerero tropa ko and sa lahat ng nakakakilala sa akin...tnx po
and more power

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