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Snow - Riverton - текст песни, видео

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Snow - Riverton - текст песни, видео

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Hold on oh yeah 
Hold on 
Now back in the days 
Hangin out with the boys 
The ghetto youths be willin 
Pulling out gat's for toys 
Idrin be running wild 
Dreadlocks be juggling 
Brothers is getting paid 
While mothers still struggling 

(Damn how i like that sound) 
Pump pump pump taste the ghetto round 
a P-9 got found spreadin the death strong sound 

See the ghetto goverment loves it 
We na like it at all 
And when the youth them try to stride 
I meet boy they a fall 
The richer gettin richer 
The poor man get poor for anything 
I ask I just ask help them oh Lord 
The pain in my heart to the feelin that i'm feelin it's so real 
Playing soccer in the glass and using ball made of steel 
No shoes pan them feet 
Burnin fire as their light 
You think it's no deal 
Ask a starving lickle youth when he's going to get his next meal 


The ghetto is so suppressed 
The projects are a mess 
Children don't have a childhood 
Please Jah Jah won't you bless 
I can sing about happiness 
I can sing about joy 
But the pain is all so real 
For my little ghetto boy 

Добавлено: 11.02.2014
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