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Snow Hank - The Crazy Engineer - текст песни, видео

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Snow Hank - The Crazy Engineer - текст песни, видео

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The black smokestack was barking

The steam made them pistons groan

And behind that screaming whistle

You could hear that engine moan

The train was reeling and rocking

The passengers were screaming with fear

For the train was being driven

By a crazy engineer

I'm driving this engine up to the moon

He laughed as the train sped on

Then from the lips of the madman

Came a crazy railroad song

Then out from a blind crept hobo Bill

He was stealing a ride that day

I've rode the blinds on many a train

They ain't ever travelled this way

He climbed over the bend into the engine cab

Those passengers' lives to save

Then, while he fought with the madman

His weary life he gave

Poor bill spoke in a whisper

This was all they could hear

I've rode my last railroad ride

With a crazy engineer
Добавлено: 27.02.2012
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