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Snow Hank - Broken Wedding Ring - аккорды и текст, видео

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Snow Hank - Broken Wedding Ring - аккорды и текст, видео

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Broken Wedding Ring
Snow Hank
C                                  F                 C
A cowboy with his sweetheart stood beneath a starlit sky

F               C               D7               G7
Tomorrow he was leaving for the lonesome prairie wide

C                                       F              C
She said I'll be your loving bride when you return someday

F               C               G7            C
He handed her a broken ring and to her he did say

                                         F                C
You'll find upon that ring sweetheart my name engraved in gold

F                    C                G7                  C
And I shall keep the other half which bears your name you know

                                            F             C
Three years have passed he did not come and Nell will wed tonight

F                  C               D7                G7
Her father said an Earl would make her happy home so bright

C                                     F                   C
The lights were gaily glowing as they stood there side by side

F                      C                  G7            C
Let's drink a toast to this young man and to his lovely bride

                                        F               C
Just then there stood within the door a figure tall and slim

F                 C                   D7               G7
A handsome cowboy was their guest and slowly he walked in

C                                       F              C
I'll drink with you a toast said he and quickly in her glass

F                    C                 G7           C
He dropped a half of wedding ring then anxiously he watched

                                         F                 C
She tipped her glass and from her lips a ring fell shining bright

F                 C                 D7                G7
The token she had longed to see lay there beneath the light

C                                      F                      C
Though years have been between us dear love won our last long fight

F                  C                 G7              C
It's you my cowboy sweetheart and my Jack I'll wed tonight
Добавлено: 11.02.2016
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