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Smokey Bastard - The Cumberland Crew - аккорды и текст, видео

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Smokey Bastard - The Cumberland Crew - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Cumberland Crew
Smokey Bastard
Smokey Bastard - The Cumberland's Crew (Cover of an old Irish tune)

Oh! shipmates, come rally, and join in my ditty.
Of a terrible battle that happened of late;

Let each good Union-Tar shed a tear of sad pity,

As he listens to the once gallant Cumberland's fate.

It was the Eighth day of March told a terrible story.

And many a tar to this world bid adieu!

But our flag it was wrapt in a mantle of glory,
By the heroic deeds of the Cumberlands crew...


        Em        Em        C          E7
On that ill-fated day about ten in the morning,
    C          G          Em               Am
The sky it was clear, and bright shone the sun;
    Em           Em         C         E7
The drums of the Cumberland sounded a warning,
        C            G         Em           Am
Bidding each gallant seaman to stand by his gun.
   Am        Dm           Am         Em
An iron-clad frigate down on us came bearing.
      Am          Dm    Am        (mid finger to A-2)
While high in the air a rebel flag flew;
  Em         Em          Am          E7
A pennant of treason she proudly was waving.
  C           G           Em           Am
Determined to conquer the Cumberland's crew.

Irish whistle Solo:

Em  Em  Am  E7
C  G   Em  Am
Em  G  Am  Em
C  G  Em  Am

       Em         Em        Am             E7
So our noble ship fired her guns' dreadful thunder.
    C                 G            Em         Am
Her broad-sides, like hail, on the Rebels did pour;
        Em            Em              Am         E7
But our sailors gazed on, filled with terror and wonder-
       C                G                 Em         Am
As the shots struck her sides and glanced harmlessly forth
        Am           Dm         Am       Em
But the pride of our navy could never be daunted,
         Am           Dm        Am            (Mid finger to A-2)
Tho' the dead and the dying her deck they did strew;
        Em          Em        Am          E7
And the flag of our Union how proudly she flaunted.
   C             G            Em           Am
Sustained by the blood of the Cumberland's crew.

Electric and Drum Solo:

Em  Em  Am  E7
C  G   Em  Am
Em  G  Am  E7
C  G  Em  Am
Am  Dm  Am  Em
Am  Dm  Am  MF
Em  Em  Am  E7
C  G  Em  Am

  Em       Em               Am        E7
3 hours we fought them with stern resolution,
         C            G            Em      Am
Till the rebels found cannon could never decide;
    Em          Em        Am          E7
The flag of secession had no power to gall them,
         C                G           Em            Am
Tho' the blood from their scuppers it crimson'd the tide,

As they struck us on mid-ship, our planks she did sever,
Her sharp iron prong pierced our noble ship through:
    Em                Em             Am           E7
And still, though she splintered and twisted hard over,
      C          G               Em           Am
We'll die at our guns! cried the Cumberland's crew.

Em  Em  Am  E7
C  G   Em  Am
Em  G  Am  E7
C  G  Em  Am
Am  Dm  Am  Em
Am  Dm  Am  Em
Em  Em  Am  E7
C  G  Em  Am

Softly... Am...

   Em          Em             C            E7
So slowly they sank 'Neath Virginia's dark waters,
      C         G           Em            Am
Their voices on earth will ne'er be heard more
           Em            Em            C             E7
They'll be mourned by Columbia's brave sons and fair daughters!
          C           G       Em         Am
May their blood be avenged on Virginia's shore!-

In their battle-stained graves they are silently lying-

Their souls have forever to each bid adieu!

But the star-spangled banner above them is still flying;
                                                  Am (1 slow strum)
For it was nailed to the mast by the Cumberland's crew.
Добавлено: 17.12.2015
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