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Slick Shoes - Tired Of You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Slick Shoes - Tired Of You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tired Of You
Slick Shoes
		   Tired Of You
By Slick Shoes

Verse 1:
A                 F       C              G
There's no better way to tell you how I feel than this
A               F
Don't act so surprised
      C                B    C
It's been like this a long time
A     F         C         F      C       B
Every time you turn your back on me, it breaks my heart
    A       F        C         F      C        B
To think of all the times that I was there for you
          A    F       C        F  C        B
If there ever comes a time when I won't be there
   A        F         C       F    C               B
I hope you have some time to find someone else to abuse

F                       E
Cause I won't be there,  I'm not a fool
F         E                   A-C-F-E                  A-C-F-E
And I am   getting tired of you,    getting tired of you,    getting 
tired of you

Verse 2:
A                 F              C        G
I remember those rainy days when I stayed in
A            F                 C              G
I'd call you on the phone and try to be your friend
     A  F     C     F             C             B
But, to no avail I swore it would never happen again
A    F           C    F C      B
Two phone calls later,  I gave in
     A      F      C      F  C     B
I'm such a sucker, why do I try so hard?
     A      F       C      F        C        B
The simple things I do to prove my care for you



    A*                G#*          A*     G#*
But I won't let this world get me down
A*             G#*                 A*     G#*
And your silly games won't get me down
   A*              G#*               A*   B*
I pray to God that you won't get me down

Добавлено: 12.10.2013
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