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Slick Shoes - Responsible - аккорды и текст, видео

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Slick Shoes - Responsible - аккорды и текст, видео

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Slick Shoes
By Slick Shoes
>From "Burn Out"
Tabbed By Eric Exley

/ = first guitar/second guitar

Guitar 1 plays:
A-9-11---9-11-12-|  (8X)

Guitar 2 plays:
A-6-7---6-7-9-| (8X)

Verse 1:
         E   B G#      A       E*        D#           B
Responsibility,  sensibility, how many things have escaped you?
E  B         G#       A      G#        A           E
  Could you try and show concern? maybe help me understand
B          G#        A        E*
All your friendships are in trouble
      D#      B
You're getting lost in the shuffle
E  B         G#       A           G#                   A
  But I'll still be there, even though things aren't the same

G#*/E*...           F#*/D#           G#*/E*...  A(pm)-B(pm)
I'll still be here when all's said and done
G#*/E*              A*/D#            B*/B  A(pm)-B(pm)
I'll still be here when all's said and done

Verse 2:
           E   B G#    A            E*       D#           B
Your personality,  it wears on me, how many times have I told you
E   B       G#       A         G#      A
  that you could be more than you try to be?
E     B       G#      A          E*
 How can you laugh at all your problems?
 D#              B
Seems that they won't go away
E  B             G#    A       G#           A
  You think life is a game and everything's a joke


Guitar 1:
A-11-11-99-11-11----|(3X)|----------12-12----|  (4X)

Guitar 2:
A-77-66-77----|(3X)|-------99----|  (4X)

     E*                    B         C#               A   B
I'll be there when you're not, just like it's always been
    E*                  B             C#                  A  B-E*
And I know you'll come running back, like things are the same
Добавлено: 18.08.2013
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