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Slab - I'm a Asshole - текст песни, видео

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Slab - I'm a Asshole - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
feat. Rick D
[Rick D talking]
Hey what's crackin baby
it's the mothafuckin Rick D, the asshole spokesmen
we goin out and gettin it and bringin it back
we gon knock a mothafuckin trunk off baby
this a ghetto classic it's goin down
2005 forever, it's always baby watch this

[Verse 1 - Trae]
I come around the corner like Jordan in '87
bending on 23 inches and holdin for all my felons
me and lil'bro the heat of the West
I got these niggaz off the chain cause I'm the truth of the West
with a black on black in the back of the pack the gun stay scoped
24 plus strapped cause these niggaz know how it go
you see this year I got the music that'll go get these niggaz fired and wired up
whoopin niggaz for days if they ain't chunkin that sign up
have these niggaz on Anthem bout to start 'em a riot up
loading and bustin somethin that'll be fuckin ya hide up
my drop be dyed up the same color as Hoovers
with a group or a couple of cars behind me we guerilla's packin rugers
I know these bitches wanna stop us but I fly right past 'em
with the left drop, and the right cock jammin that SLAB The Anthem
nigga waiting so I'm a grant 'em - it's Z-Ro and the fam
this year we assholes bitch and we can click on the random

[Chorus - Trae]
I'm a asshole - I'm a mothafuckin asshole
bitch I'm a mothafuckin asshole
I'm a mothafuckin asshole

[Verse 2 - Jay'Ton]
Who the fuck is Joe Boy, Alley Cat? bitch where ya mama at
you better fall back before she end up in all black
I'm never caught slippin, wood grain grippin
still Hoover crippin finna leave ya whip flippin
I'm scootin up the block with my locs and twin gats
some of my doggs brave and I promise they bring hats
it's Jay'Ton bitch and I'm exposin all rats
running with 12 pounds, hit the hood and I bounce back
now show me where ya heart at cuz
cause I'll put it in the drama where it start at cuz
niggaz ain't even impressed so I'm checkin 'em off
now pick that bitch up off the ground and kiss the dust in her mouth cause
I'm a asshole...

[Verse 3]
I'm so gangsta flippin in my suicide chrome
it's Doug T from ABN packin on chrome
I done waitin my time I'm sittin back on the scene
got everybody wonderin what all that red means
stop hatin me bitch not from Sunny side but I'll check a hoe
with a cocked 4 - 4 in a four door
I ain't trippin cause what I got waitin in the back
will graze the back of any nigga that's a Silvaback
you wanna know why we lean so much
cause gray screw tapes, and red cars, and that purple stuff
and I been known to send shots your way
we gon rep the south west and hold it down for gray

[Verse 4 - Boss]
Boss in a regal that's black, I got blood in the back
about to pump the right side of that Lumina so let it crack cuz
cuz what it? what it was? fuck the fuss
in the slugs send that nigga in the dust cuz
I'm from the H mayne - killers hoppin gates mayne
bossin on niggaz got us where we standin today mayne
when my fingers split that thumb you better run
I got thirteen TTP's, PPL's for guns
niggaz head huntin we takin souls from niggaz set frontin
first time we said we wanted war while ya'll niggaz ain't said nothin
HGC gon start buckin fuckin with my cousin
I'm a click clack and cuttin nigga crisis come I'm dumpin

[Chorus - Trae]
I'm a asshole - I'm a mothafuckin asshole
bitch I'm a mothafuckin asshole
I'm a mothafuckin asshole
I'm a asshole - I'm a mothafuckin asshole
bitch I'm a mothafuckin asshole
I'm a mothafuckin asshole

[Trae talking till end]
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