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Slab - Damn You So Gangsta - текст песни, видео

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Slab - Damn You So Gangsta - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
feat. Rick D
Bitch nigga, you need to stick to what's happening
Cause you be wolfing on the daily, plus you ride when you capping
I think you entertain yourself, with all your bullshit lies
And I ain't seen a piece of chrome, on all your bullshit rides
But still your bullshit flies, I know these people can smell it
How the fuck you gon blow a pound, and don't know how to inhale it
And I ain't seen you slam a motherfucking thang, on my block
Except a throw with a '57 Nova, when that broke bitch stop
How the fuck you gon slide a nigga, without your boxing game
Plus you got a few beams, aiming dead at your frame
What fo', cause your ass wanna get a bigger name
Shut the fuck up, cause now your ass stuck in the game

Damn you so gangsta, now you with a click so you hard
When you one deep, niggaz pull your card
Dog you so gangsta, if this would of been you then this would of happened
You killing everybody, when you rapping
Man you so gangsta, everybody scared of you dog
Do you believe, what I'm telling you dog
Cause dog you so gangsta, they don't want no problems with you
They prolly know, you finna send the laws through

Damn you so gangsta, you got your Khaki suit with your open toes
Rhinestones in bandanas, like some of these hoes
You never catch him at the swap meet, you shop at Mervyn's
Everytime we see the nigga, we gon serve him
Sit back and observe him, nervous when you come around real G's
Lying about the connects, and all of the big ki's
This last week, he told some niggaz he was with the mob
Riding a nigga dick, must be your big job
I woulda did this I woulda did that, but you ain't did shit
Lying about the squab, at the club but you ain't slid shit
The Lord better be with ya, if you fuck with me
I'ma let off nine shots, doing a buck fifty


I ain't tripping, I'm on your ass like a papsmere
You got them same old small ass, bullets from last year
What them fat laces mean, better come up off em
Niggaz get they bandanas, snatched off em
Inches from a coffin, rest in rust to all of my enemies
Pulling up on these fake niggaz, to make em remember me
Snatching a nigga rag off, cause they ain't no friend to me
Cause these niggaz out here, got these whole bitch ass tendencies

Back at it for round two, why you steady lying
Thinking we don't know, nothing but the real is what we gonna find
See you the kind of nigga, that'll follow the pack
And for any piece of attention, just don't know how to act
And that's why you get smacked up, teeth kinda cracked up
Every other week, the same two eyes blacked up
You could try to sell a ticket, but my nigga I ain't buying it
Get clocked upside the head, just for thinking of trying it

[Rick D]
Damn you so gangsta, last week was drop on 3's
Now you short of your rent, and you begging for cheese
Wearing your partna chain, say your neck on freeze
Y'all niggaz pussy, y'all niggaz ain't O.G.'s
We on a mission lil' daddy, trying to get this feddy
I got a brick you can buy, holla back when you ready
Got a swang in the air, trying to hold the wheel steady
See we ball on the Dub, but your balling is petty


Now-a-day's, everybody wanna be gangsta
Be for real nigga, run around here lying to everybody
Selling these ol' wolf ass tickets, you slapped this nigga
You shot this nigga, last week you had a Lexus
This week a Benz, you thinking about buying a Maybach
But we let you tell it, know I'm saying
Get your mind right mayn, stop all that lying dog
That fraud ass shit, move around with that shit mayn
Go on step your game up, for real
We just expose the real, that's what it is for this 2K4-2K5
Niggaz better tell the truth, if not we gon expose it
Добавлено: 11.02.2014
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