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Sky - Superhero - текст песни, видео

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Sky - Superhero - текст песни, видео

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Written By: Antoine Sicotte / Anastasia Friedman

Morning cartoons

My superhero

Oh I hear you come flying

My superhero

Don't turn your back and walk away

Into the dark it's cold they say

You think I'm wrong when you know I'm right

The truth is that we're so damn different

From all the other fellas that I've ever known

I didn't expect you could be so under control 

You are the light that guides me kindly through the dark

You're my superhero come to life


Tell me do you really wanna really wanna ride with me

I wanna ride with you

You know you do me right

Tell me do you really wanna really wanna ride with me

If you really want me to

You know you're my superhero

You bring out the little girl in me

And when push comes to shove

You're right there flying at my window sill

People talk but rarely they

Speak their minds although they pray

To a God without a face

The truth is that I'd rather believe

In my morning cartoons like I did one night

Was only knee high to my mother's thighs

It was easy then it ain't so easy now

But if you like you can fly into the night


Oh you know I really wanna ride with you


I just want to ride with you

I wanna ride so take me for a flight

You're my one and only superhero
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