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Skillet - Scarecrow - аккорды и текст, видео

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Skillet - Scarecrow - аккорды и текст, видео

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		   Title: Scarecrow
Artist: Skillet
Album: Hey You, I Love Your Soul
Copyright 1998 Photon Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Tabbed by Kirk Bozeman (

E flat tuning (All strings tuned down 1/2 step)

NOTE:  This song is heavy on synth, so be wary of faulty chords.

F#sus4[addE]   244300
Asus           577600
E              022100
D6[addE]       557700
Bsus4          224400
C#7[addE]      x43420
Asus2          002200
C7M            335500
Dsus           x00230
A7             002020

Verse #1:
F#sus4[addE] Asus E
     Hanging on a post
F#s4[addE] Asus  E
     In my dirty clothes
F#s4[addE]  Asus  D6[addE] Asus
     Try to concentrate on You
         Bsus4             C#7[addE]
     But I keep forgetting

Asus2   C        Dsus    C
  Safe enough to not let go
Asus2   C        Dsus    C
  Scared enough to not release
Asus2  C     B         F
  Open up to drink the wind
  B           F       A7
  You tear me up when You come in

Chorus (2x):
Dm      B     F        A7
Take me down, shake me out
Dm        B           F                A7
Give me a brain, that I might know You better

Verse #2 (same chords for all verses):
     Hanging in the sun
     Waiting for the rain
     Saw a field catch on fire
     I caught myself just watching


Chorus (2x): "Give me a heart that I might love you better..."

Yah-dee part (probably just an A chord)

Verse #3:
     Hanging on a post
     Just next to Yours
     I want to curse and spit
     I weep aloud at Your mercy

Chorus (7x): "Give me a life that I might serve you better."

Chorus (1x) without music

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