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Sizzla - Greedy Joe - текст песни, видео

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Sizzla - Greedy Joe - текст песни, видео

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Wo yea-e   ha-ah-ah    yea-ha-ah   hammh  mmh  mmh

Yea-yea-e  aye-ya-ah   oh-oh-oh 

Give it up Greedy Joe-o-o.

See yu taking and yu bound fi fall, mi come fi mek yu know.

So speedily yu tun mi foe-o-o.

Yu did haf di youts dem in nuf corruption a grow yo. 



Well den.

See a whey mi haf and yu been wanting.

Den yu run come a grab, I have been asking.

Why is di youts dem livity yu haf been stealing.

Bigger man member a concrete make yu ceiling.

Whats the meaning of life without living.

I live so, I have to continue givin.

See yu making yu gaps.

Well den I come bridging

Give me no more mishaps

Ghetto youts, no more killin.

I'm still gonna say. 

Chorus with some changes 

Well den.

The day makes possible everyting,

So take your share and live loving,

To the way, yu been handling di youts.

Yu know wi got to sing

Judgement keeps Coming

Your fence will be burning

Beat the levels-yu get nothing,

I bring the sword I bring the sing.

Look at the crowd, love they bring

Shout aloud as Salassie King.

Watch yu dutty living, fire will be burning Aye 

Chorus with some changes 

I tell yu say I'm going home so Zion makes prepare.

Don't know when I will reach but I know I will be there,

I'm trodding through a region of polluted atmosphere.

Dey teach di youts fi loot, never to love nor care.

Illusion is the only thing whey dem cheer.

One decision wi haf to leave outa here.

Oh  yoyo-yo-yo-yo 

Chorus with some changes
Добавлено: 19.04.2012
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