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Simon Joyner - Fools Gold On Main Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Simon Joyner - Fools Gold On Main Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Fools Gold On Main Street
Simon Joyner
Fools Gold on Main Street by Simon Joyner

C/G: 332010
F: 133211
G: 32000x
Em: 02200x

Intro bit


then it goes straight into it- listen to how he plays the C/G chord in the song (3rd 
fret on A string then 3rd fret on the E string)

C/G                      F                          C/G
  Fool's gold on Main St. from stop signs to dangling telephones
C/G                            F                         G
Children delivering newspapers, all the grotesque and the hum-drum
F               C/G        Em             F
   I used not to worry but now it's all I do
F                   C/G                Em               F
   I used to be in a hurry but now I'm dragging both my boots
F                                 G                F*
Wondering how to get from Main to Meadoooooooooooooow

*With that F chord it goes something like (it can be played in a couple variations 
different from this one):

  F          C/G           F          C/G(back to the verse)
Listen to the song to get this bit right

C/G                              F                      C/G
From fisherman to fish to butcher, the struggle is never ending
        C/G                               F                  G      F
You can put your life down on paper but it's not the same as swimming
           C/G                Em              F
I dropped a hint and you were kind enough to retrieve it
F                        C/G                      Em                 F
  You asked me where the trouble was and you were sweet enough to believe it
                                   G     F*
But it was such a sad lie I had to whisper

C/G                              F                 C/G
What happened to Blake and Eric, Douglas, Phil and Amanda?
  C/G                              F                     G     F
What happened to Jennifer the Great, who loved me before anyone?
                       C/G        Em                     F
They're flying into the ground or walking high around my city
                          C/G        Em              F
While my head is just some town you wouldn't want to visit
                                     G      F*
It's crowded and the people all look ghostly

C/G                      F                        C/G
Fool's gold on Main St., shuffling through orphan trash
    C/G                                   F                            G
The birds search for the sun at their feet in every crumb of shattered glass
F                 C/G                    Em           F
I slipped on holy blinders as if I could turn my body in
                     C/G           Em                     F
If I'm guilty when I despair, will hope make me innocent again
                                   G      F*
Or will it only get me through this winter?

C/G                       F                           C/G
There are neon invitations where shameless billboards babble
                                      F                    G
You belong to nothing at all now since your pockets have unraveled
F                              C/G         Em                       F
Your soul is just a drop of the dream we collected with pans in the stream
                          C/G                   Em                    F
The streets of heaven are lined with it and the streets of heaven are clean
                                    G    F*
But everything you'll ever touch is dirty

Keep on playing the F to C/G chord progression and end on C/G
Добавлено: 28.09.2013
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