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Simon Brading - The Third Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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Simon Brading - The Third Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Third Day
Simon Brading
These are the chords to Simon Brading's song the third day which was played at newday 
The capo is on the 3rd fret for this song. standard tuning for this. Enjoy!!

Verse 1:

You came to save the world, to redeem creation
Bm                                           Asus2
Faced up to cross, carried every sin on your shoulders
The crowd they didn't know, on the cross you conquered
Bm                                                             Asus2
as you breathed you last, You knew that it was finished but not over


Em                                Bm
For three days, You laid in that grave
G                                A
But death was swallowed up in victory


         D              A
For you arose, On the third day
      Em                  G
Hallelujah we cry, Your life is our life
       D               A
Yes you arose on the third day
        Em                   G
We are fully alive, In the power of your life
        D/A      D
You're Alive

Verse 2: (same chords pattern as verse 1)

Just as you arose, bursting out in power
We are raised to life, reigning with you now and forever
Just as you returned, to the father's glory
I've been made his child, Living to enjoy you forever




     G                              D    Dsus2
You overcame, You overcame at the cross
     G                                  Bm   Asus2
You rose again, You rose again, Raising us


Intro tab on electric: (capo 3 as well for this tab)


Enjoy and god bless :)if you want more tablature on christian worship songs just contact 
on :)
Добавлено: 23.10.2013
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