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Shins - Sphagnum Esplanade - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Shins - Sphagnum Esplanade - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Sphagnum Esplanade
Artist: The Shins
 Album: Know Your Onion! EP
  Song: Sphagnum Esplanade

(Tabbed by Andy

   Bb5      Bb
X133XX   X13331

Gm  Dm       F
how lonely I find
     Bb5  C5 D5 Gm
will tend to my mind
Dm        Bb    D
along this mossy trail
    Gm  Dm       F
and how coyly it hides
    Bb5   C5 D5 Gm
the truth about how
   Dm    Bb      D
it is we can ask how

Bb          Cm
crowds jump to their deaths
Eb                       Bb    F
from the bridges I drive by tonight
Bb                   Cm
they miss out on it all
the whole gist that as they fall
you're not expected to know why
it's such a short time
and there are stanzas never meant to rhyme

Gm  Dm       F
far better I find
  Bb5 C5   D5 Gm     Dm
it is when we try to spend
Bb      D
the ??? ????
Gm   Dm      F
with no real rationale
   Bb5  C5  D5 Gm         Dm
we step out of bounds and think
      Bb       D
and escape the lies

and we've marched,
Cm          Eb
so long but we've much farther
           Bb      F
than we've gone to go
    Bb               Cm
and we'll make a new ship
cristen it for the trip
                      Bb        F
with a toddler at the helm this time
and there are things we never will define

Добавлено: 16.07.2012
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