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Shanneyganock - Home Boys Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shanneyganock - Home Boys Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Home Boys Home
"Home Boys Home" (Darrell Power)
 From "Rocking On The Water"(2013)
 Capo 2nd fret.
(N.C.)                                     G
We love what we're fighting for, home boys home...

     D                 G          D                G
I believe the time is right, I believe we won't go wrong
G                       /f#               G             A
Words like "can't" and "never" they won't be around for long
          D    G       D      A       D                G
there's a rediscovered spirit here of people proud and strong


          D       G          D        A
  ('Cause)we know what we're fighting for, 
        D         G         D        A
  we believe in what we're fighting for
  D                  G 
  we love what we're fighting for, 
  D     A     G
  home, boys, home! 

we have lived through troubled times, five centuries or more
we could see the problems coming miles before they hit the shore
now, when others take and condescend, we'll wink and nod no more


we have made mistakes, it's true this ain't 'once upon a time'
and 'happy ever after' is a long way down the line 
but with poison tongues and attitudes and sharp and clever minds


Half a million, side to side. from the big land to the bay
join a peaceful revolution, let's make history today
when the haves who finally conquered take the have-nots in their graves


if you're near or if you're far,facts can guard your native coast
tell the naive patronisers the whole truth, they need it most
just look 'em in the eye and say our battle cry, our toast,
cause it's now or it's never, we been pulled apart forever, 
if we'd only pull together, haul for home now lend a hand! 

Добавлено: 16.12.2015
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