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Shakey Graves - Where A Boy Once Stood - таба, видео

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Shakey Graves - Where A Boy Once Stood - таба, видео

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                   Where A Boy Once Stood - Shakey Graves

Tuning: Standard
Tabbed from

Main chords are Am with an alternating base, F# dim, a variation on the F#dim and E

Main pattern, this repeats throughout the song, with variations on pick, sometimes he 
strums instead, watch the video for timings. He also slide the E down to the 13th fret on afew occasions 


    Turn around

Yeah well I got a stick and a beddin the rye
Give me the chance I'll be there by your side
Oh it's a long cold country with nobody home
Yeah if you want to face it you can face it alone with me

Yeah but if you don't watch me closely ill flee to the woods
Leave a gap in your heart where a boy once stood
Well cut it off and still it grows
Back in all the places you don't want it show the most

Well if you're still havin trouble, go call up your priest
Tell him there's a fella here givin you grief
It's a lanky ole loner on the outskirts of town
Tell him your lies, they're wearing you down

Yeah but if he can't help you go call up the judge
Tell him you're afraid that you're falling in love
But there's nowhere to go but down from here
So come along baby you got nothing to fear

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