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Shakey Graves - House Of Winston - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shakey Graves - House Of Winston - аккорды и текст, видео

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House Of Winston
Shakey Graves
                             Shakey Graves - House of Winston
Tuning: Drop D (DADGBe)
Studio Version: Capo 1

This tab is based off of this live version of the song:
In this live version he plays it open but on the album he plays it with a capo on the
first fret.

There are only three chords in this song, each with a more complicated name than the
last, so I'll refer to them as:

G6*             A6**            Bm***            |    If you're interested, the actual
                                                 |    names of these chords are: 
e|-0-|          e|-0-|          e|-0-|           |      *G6 (omit 5)
B|-5-|          B|-5-|          B|-5-|           |      ** A6. Just A6
G|-4-|          G|-4-|          G|-4-|           |      ***Bm add11(omit 5)
D|-5-|          D|-5-|          D|-5-|           |
A|-X-|          A|-X-|          A|-X-|           |
D|-5-|          D|-5-|          D|-5-|           |

So the song starts out with the G6 chord muted and Shakey do a sort of chugged strum
across the muted strings. After that, the song breaks into the into the chord pattern

G6   G6   Bm
A6   A6   Bm

Repeating over and over except for the first time he says, "Into the night" after the
chorus, he picks/strums open for a bit with a few fancy flairs and whatnot, but if
you're interested you can check it out in the video. Here's a quick example of how the chords go:

G6 Muted chugging

G6   G6   Bm
A6   A6   Bm x2

G6                          Bm   A6       Bm   G6
And don't let your lipstick wear
                      Bm   A6
We'll make a swift escape
Bm       G6                        Bm   A6       Bm 
Yeah, and use the rest to write it down

Gm                                          Bm
So that we can remember the way your father turned around
To say, "Oh boy, just choose a side"
          (X mute X)
But I wanna waste your time

G6   G6   Bm
A6   A6   Bm
(Yeah, I wanna waste your time)

(X mute X)      (Open)
Oh, into the night

G6   G6   Bm
A6   A6   Bm

Then just repeat with:

Oh, but don't let your lovin' show
Oh, we'll find new home
Yeah, and use the rest to build it up

Good luck!! Happy picking.
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