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Shadow Gallery - Victims - текст песни, видео

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Shadow Gallery - Victims - текст песни, видео

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Downtown I walk 
Through New York City so hot 
The summer swelter melting 
Got things on my mind right now 
In the alleys that I take 
They just don't give up an inch 
I turned and saw it all 
I watched him fall 
I tried to catch him 
But they knocked me out cold too 
"Babylon" he cried 
The cost in flesh and blood is rising high 

Things are falling apart it all seems 
Bleeding in the gutter 
The waste of random acts of violence 
Where's the Savior to resuce our dreams? 
Desperation's crawling 
We're victims of a world that's gone so wrong? 

Hours later when I woke 
I was lying in some darkened basement rescue mission 
They're tending to my needs and wounds 
They were such a sorry lot 
The very bottom of the social ladder 
I just caught myself before I cried 
They've nothing at all 
But they're the only ones there to help 

Eden's sin's alive 
Stalking me 
Stalking everyone 

Things are falling apart it all seems 
Tears that speak in volumes 
The eyes of all these hopeless people 
Where's the Savior to rescue our dreams? 
Desperation's crawling 
On victims of a power hungry world!
Добавлено: 04.02.2014
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