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Shadow Gallery - Ghostship - текст песни, видео

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Shadow Gallery - Ghostship - текст песни, видео

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Time has come 
The dawn shall see us off again 
Glory rides 
The stars shall be our watching guide 
We know 
God is ready 
And he's willing 
To fill our veins it takes my mind away 
Hot sun 
Splitting thunder 
Violent storms 
We sail atop the highest wave in search of our viking gold 
And turn our backs into the night 
We sail into the night 

As the mighty desert wind blows through the mountains 
Still she sails our trusty ship across the sea 
And we raise our glasses high to this good life 
See our torches brandish light upon the free 

Cowards running to the hills no courage in their eyes 
Shadowed terrors prey on them no mercy in their eyes 
Their battle's over long before they have a chance to pray 
But we shall stand steadfast our ground 
Unmoved through the day 

Let us drink to the spirit 
That has given us the power 
To rule with the mightiest of swords 
Through all of the 




Our ship now listless drifting aimlessly through the tide 
This calm before the storm screams over high 
This must be madness cause the sky is growing blacker 
Than the shadow of a dead star in regression of its power 
If the darkness that surrounds you leaves you nowhere you can run to 
I impolore you fall down to your knees 
And pray these tentacles released their grip 


Well you and I do not belong here 
Will we return 
I cannot believe 
Strong winds 
Twisting and tearing our sails off 
I'm hiding my eyes 
You are fading away 



Misfortune paints their lonely story 
A thousand years shall endure 
Unfold the tale of that dark day 
Their mystics ship so far from sure 

They sailed away 
Another sea 
A mystery 
To us all 
Beware the waves 
You sail upon 
In ships so strong 
It is our belief 
This story's true
Добавлено: 07.10.2013
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