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Session Road - Eager Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Session Road - Eager Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Eager Angels
Session Road
bago ang lahat-HI nga  kay chay celeste! miss yaw!


Verse 1:
  G               D
I see you walking in
Hurting from what had been
As your face draws back and 
Opens up a sigh
  G                 D 
I hate to break it in you
It's the hardest thing she had to
But her words meant baby everything is through


Pre chorus:

Bm                 C
I watched upon the heavens
   Bm              C                         G              
And wait till you believe our moment is true

G          D                    C
Like eager angels falling from heaven
  Cm                                         G
I'd give it all up to share the pain with you
G          D                    C
Like eager angels falling from heaven
  Cm                                         G
Undaunted cause your love will see me through

Verse 2: (do chords in verse 1)
How can I make you feel 
How I want to hold you near
I ache to feel your hand caress my soul
Im standing next to you
My days no longer blue
I'd shed my wings to offer what is true

(pre chorus)

Bridge: (parehas ng chords sa verses kaso tigiisang bagsak lng kc effects na yan e)

I still can taste the scent of your voice on my lips
Every moment I close my eyes and breathe you
it was a moment that would linger on
In my stubborn disbelief in the magic that was woven... 
eager angels
You're my angel....

Un na!

pakinggan nio nlng ung song para sa pagkakasunodsunod, ENJOI!

comments/suggestions: add nio ko sa frenster 

hi sa tropa ko-kabanda ko;kaklase kong mga tae! sa mga nakakakilala sakin! hahaha!
lalo na kay celeste V.! eehheheh! e2 pinagkakaabalahan ko ngyn! sana kasama kita para malaman mu!miss you!

Добавлено: 16.03.2012
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