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Sesame Street - Wanda The Witch - текст песни, видео

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Sesame Street - Wanda The Witch - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Announcer: The story of Wanda the witch is brought to you by the letter W. 

(Crystal ball shows the letters of the alphabet in rapid succession until it gets to W. Scene changes to show a sign marked Washington. A nearby sign marked west is pointing in that direction.) 

Announcer: Wanda the witch lived somewhere west of Washington. 

(Scene changes to show Wanda, an old witch who wears a long black dress and pointed black hat.) 

Announcer: Around her waist, instead of a belt, she wore a worm. 

(We see a close-up of the worm wiggling around Wanda's waist.) 

Announcer: Wanda had a pet weasel. 

(Scene changes to show a weasel wearing a collar.) 

Weasel: I am a weasel. 

Announcer: And on her head, a wiry wig. 

(We see a close-up of Wanda's wig, which is made of W's. Scene changes to a calendar and focuses on the word Wednesday on it. Scene then changes to show Wanda walking through a snowy scene.) 

Announcer: On Wednesday, in the middle of winter, Wanda walked to the well to get water to wash her wig. 

(A snowman holds up a sign that says Winter. Then Wanda arrives at the well and tugs at the rope attached its wheel -- without success. We see the word wheel during the announcer's next speech.) 

Announcer: But the wheel on the well was worn, and Wanda grew weary. So she waved her wand, and her washtub filled with warm water. 

(Wanda waves her wand, and we see the word wand. A washtub appears before her. A small cloud appears above the washtub, filling it with rain.) 

Announcer: But just as Wanda was about to drop her wig into the warm water, a wild wind whipped the wig from her hand and blew it away forever. 

(A windstorm marked Wind blows Wanda's wig from her hand and out of sight.) 

Announcer: Which taught Wanda this lesson: witches who wash their wigs on windy winter Wednesdays are wacky. 

(Scene changes to show some bald witches dancing around a washtub filled with wigs made of W's. One of the witches cackles wildly. Scene changes to crystal ball, still showing a W.) 

Announcer: This witch story was brought to you courtesy of the letter W.
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