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Sesame Street - The Monster's Three Wishes - текст песни, видео

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Sesame Street - The Monster's Three Wishes - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Once there lived a little monster 
In a kingdom far away. 
And a very strange thing happened 
As he brushed his teeth one day. 

As he squeezed his tube of toothpaste, 
Deepest thunder shook the skies. 
And suddenly a genie stood 
Before his very eyes. 

I'm the genie of the toothpaste, 
Said the genie with a laugh. 
I've been trapped inside that toothpaste tube 
For 3 weeks and a half. 
You squeezed the tube and set me free 
So here is what I'll do - 
I'll let you have 3 wishes 
And I'll make them all come true. 

Oh boy! exclaimed the monster, 
Wow! 3 wishes just for me! 
Now let me think and then decide 
What my first wish will be. 

Now my favorite thing is cookies, 
Thought the monster with a grin. 
But first I'll wish for something nice 
To keep my cookies in. 
I would like a million cookies, 
But before I use that wish ... 

Hey, Genie, said the monster, 
Will you please bring me a dish? 

Will I ever! said the genie, 
For your wish is my command. 
And instantly a dish appeared 
Right in the monster's hand. 

Hey, I did it! cried the genie. 
Wow! I haven't lost my touch! 
It's a nice dish, said the monster, 
But it won't hold very much. 

The monster thought of all the cookies 
That he'd soon get with his wish. 
And he knew a million cookies 
Couldn't fit on one small dish. 

He would need something much bigger. 
So the monster said, Hey, Genie! 
I would like a great big box ... 
This plate is much too teeny! 

You want a box? You've got it, 
Said the genie with a smirk. 
And instantly a box appeared. 
The monster cried, Nice work! 

But although the box was pretty big 
And could hold lots of stuff - 
Could it hold a million cookies ...? 
It just wasn't big enough. 

So the monster called the genie 
And said, Boy, am I in luck! 
Since you'll give me what I wish for ... 
How about a great big truck? 

And right away a truck appeared 
Before the monster's eyes. 
Fantastic! cried the monster. 
It is just the perfect size! 

It will hold a million cookies, 
And I'll never have to worry. 
And that is what I wish for! 
Give me cookies now! Please hurry! 

I am sorry, said the genie, 
For though cookies are delicious, 
I cannot give them to you 
'Cause you've used up your 3 wishes. (love that rhyme!) 

Oh, no! exclaimed the monster. 
is it true? I just can't tell. 
For although I'm good at eating things, 
I do not count so well. 

Let us count these things together, 
Said the genie, and you'll see - 
The dish is 1, the box is 2, 
And then the truck makes 3. 
3 things! You're right, the monster said, 
Now what am I to do? 
I've used up my 3 wishes 
And I'm very hungry, too! 

Gee, that's too bad, the genie said, 
But now my job's complete. 
I'm so hungry, said the monster, 
Oh, I need something to eat! 

I'm sad your wish for cookies 
Can't come true, the genie said. 
That's okay, replied the monster ... 
 ... I'll just eat the truck instead! 

And as the monster ate the truck, 
The genie disappeared, 
Saying, I have seen a lot of things - 
But boy ... is that guy weird!
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