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Sesame Street - Telly's Aquarium - текст песни, видео

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Sesame Street - Telly's Aquarium - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Female Goldfish (wearing a wig!): Golden fish with long, flowing tails 

Plant: Leafy plants growing in red gravel 

Snails: Two cute snails crawling through the water 

(Four other fish swim in, one of them is red and looks a bit like Telly. 
They line up with the two female Goldfish in the upper corners, 
the males in the lower corners and the Telly lookalike in the middle. 
The treasure chest in the corner bubbles as they sing ...) 

Fish: And a buuuuulging treasure chest 

All: We all live inside of 
Telly's aquarium 
Telly's aquarium 
Telly's aquarium 

Snails: No cats or dogs or kangaroos 

Fish: Chickens, zebras or cockatoos 

Plant: Nothing up there lives in here 

Fish: This watery lair we find so dear 

Snails: A home that Telly cleans so nice 

Plant: A cozy lid (?) with Paradiiiiiise 
(I've rewound and nearly worn my video out, not a clue what he's singing. 
We need more articulate plants here, people!) 

All: Aquarium 

(The fish swim off-screen as the song's tempo changes. 
This is the part sung to the tune of Let The Sunshine In. 
They swim back and now appear to be wearing hippie beads in their hair! 
It's their fins actually but, still, groovy, man.) 

All: Let the water flow 
Let the water flow in 
The water flow in 

(Now a BIG red fish that looks exactly like Telly swims in from behind the treasure chest!) 

Tellyfish: Yes, you've got to 

All: Let the water flow 
Let the water flow in 
The water flow in 
Let the water flow 

Tellyfish (same time as the others): The aquarium is where we live 
Sing with me! 
Yes, you've got to 

All (including Tellyfish): Let the water flow in 

(The song ends, the camera pulls out to show the aquarium, which appears to be a lot smaller than it was during the song. The Tellyfish takes up almost the entire front of the tank. Telly Monster walks in.) 

Telly Monster: Funny, I think one of my fish is starting to look like me. (he taps the tank to attract Tellyfish's attention) Hey, little guy, come here. (Telly and the Tellyfish bob their heads up and down in unison.)
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