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Sesame Street - My Name Is Zoe - текст песни, видео

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Sesame Street - My Name Is Zoe - текст песни, видео

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(Zoe comes dancing in)

Hiiiiii -
My name is Zoe!
And I'm proud I'm proud I'm proud
And what I'm proud about
I'm gonna tell you right out loud
Can spell my name!
I know all the letters by heart
I bet you didn't know
That Zoe monster is so smart!

(dances over to blocks)

The first one is my favourite
It's the zig-and-zaggy Z
Looks kind of like a lightning bolt
A Z that stands for me!

(brings Z block over to O block)

Here comes the second letter
Bet you haven't guessed it yet
Here it comes, get ready
It's a ... oh ... I forget
It's sooooort -
Of like a wheel
It's really beautiful and round
Oh yeah, it's called an O
And you can roll it on the ground
The last one -

(dancing over to E block)

Is really excellent!
It's letter number three
One big stick, three little sticks
It's E, it's E, it's EEEEEEEEE! (spinning)
You put the letters side by side
And that is how you spell

(carries E block over to the other two)

Three very special letters
That spell Zoe really well
Z is one and O is two
And E is number three

(pushing letterblocks all together)

That's Zoe Zoe Zoe
And I'm prooooud -
To say that's me!


It's me, Zoe!
It's me, yeah!

Добавлено: 12.01.2014
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