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Sesame Street - Heavy And Light - текст песни, видео

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Sesame Street - Heavy And Light - текст песни, видео

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Elmo: Oh, hello! Elmo and Telly are now going to show you all about heavy and light. Yeah. Elmo is going to show you about light with this feather. Which is very light. 

Telly: Yeah, and I'm going to show you about heavy with these heavy bricks. 


Elmo: Elmo and Telly 
Proudly invite 
You to watch a demonstration 
Of heavy and light 
Pay attention 
So youll get it right 
'Cause Tellys is heavy 

Telly: (spoken) Oh yeah! 

Elmo: And Elmos is light 

Telly: (spoken) I got it. 

Telly: Well I hope this little lesson 
Wont take too long 
Its hard to teach heavy 
Unless youre strong 
Im trying to help Elmo 
With all my might 
But mine is heavy 
And Elmos is light 

Elmo: Together we can do it 
Boy this is great 

Telly: Side by side both pullin our weight 

Elmo: Together makes it easy 
Gee, this is fun 
Mines like a feather 

Telly: And mine weighs a ton! 

Both: Well we just got started 
And were almost through 
See what a little 
Teamwork can do 
Yeah, it might seem fair 
But it isnt quite 

Telly: 'Cause mine is heavy ... 

(Telly falls over from the weight of the bricks he's carrying.) 

Elmo: And Elmos is light 
And Elmos is light 
And Elmos is light 
Elmos is light 
Bah da bah da bee do be bah! 

Elmo: (spoken to Telly out of sight on the ground) Umm, Telly? Oh sorry, Telly, I didn't see you. What happened to you? Oh, let me help. Let me help. Come on, come on, come on, Telly, come on. Oh! Boy you are heavy! 

(Telly stands up with the bricks, starts to lean over and they both fall down.)
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