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Send The Beggar - Tangled With The Error - таба, видео

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Send The Beggar - Tangled With The Error - таба, видео

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		   Tangled with The Error 
Send the Beggar 
Cd-Send the Beggar
Rustproof Records
Transcribed by Jason Byrd

This is a great song.  I think I pretty much have the Intro and Chorus 
chords, I could use a little help with the rest. 
I'll keep working on It. 

Ok.  There are two guitars in this song.  One is tuned to Drop D 
(DADGBE), And the other is standard. 

The Drop D guitar is the one that plays the cool intro part.  I think 
there are three used, and possibly a fourth.
To start use some distortion, and add a medium speed flanger.  Then add 
some multi-tap delay.  The fourth effect could possibly be a tremolo.  
You can get by with just distortion and a flanger though. 

Ok this song doesn't use drop d tuning the way it is normally used.  
Instead of the normal chunky crunchy power chords, StB got creative and 
the result is awesome.  The whole kinda techno sound is a D twelvth fret 
harmonic played on the detuned E string.  To do this lay your index 
finger lightly on the string just above the twelvth fret.  when no 
effects are used, hitting(picking) the string should make a bell like 
sound.  Use the effects I mentioned and you hear a familiar sound.

Mute the rest of the strings using a fifth power chord type shape. 


Without the tremolo, you'll have to strum the rythm, but it sounds good. 

Then the the other, standard tuned guitar comes in with this, or 
something like it.


The chorus is just standard tuned fifth power chords.

E#5  D#5  C5  D5
[---] [---]  [---] [---]
[---] [---]  [---] [---]
[10] [ 8 ]  [ 5 ] [ 7 ]    x4
[10] [ 8 ]  [ 5 ] [ 7 ]
[8  ] [ 6 ]  [ 3 ] [ 5 ]
[---] [---]  [---] [---]

I haven't figured out the fill that plays over top of  these chords, 
I'll work on it.  Help would be appreciated.

That's all I have right now. 

Questions, comments, suggestions e-mail me at

In His Everlasting Love     
Добавлено: 18.10.2013
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