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Send The Beggar - Jar - аккорды и текст, видео

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Send The Beggar - Jar - аккорды и текст, видео

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Send The Beggar
		   Title  Jar
Artist  Send the Beggar (Matt Bentley, Chris W. Freeman, Matt Wootton, Chris Anthony and Brett Fitzer)
Album Send the Beggar
Author Chris W. Freeman and Send the Beggar
Copyright 1997 Rustproof Records

Intro:  Gm  F#m  (4x)
Verse 1
(no guitar)
My mouth is open, agape and open wide
Through tribulation, to you I will confide
Gm   F#m  Gm   F#m         Gm F#m 
Hopeless, Heartless, I stand 
               Gm F#m  Gm F#m
mouth open wide
Gm        F#m      Gm	     F#m       Gm   F#m
I've been waiting, separation from the pain
Gm         F#m      Gm       F#m    Gm  F#m
The purple cord has come unplugged
Gm      F#m             Gm         F#m      Gm  F#m
Staring strangely, at a man upon a hill
Gm      F#m                   end guitar
Staring strangely back at me

Riff 1
I know I've been sick from the time that I was born
Now I need your love to swarm me, swarm me now
Riff 2
I'll sleep in my jar of medicine, in my jar is the Son
I'll sleep in my jar of medicine, cause in my jar is the Son

Verse 2
My head is open, I've opened up my mind
For your reprieve, to You I will confide
Soulless, Selfless, I stand mind open wide
I've been waiting contemplation on the vein
The purple cord is really red
Staring strangely at a scarecrow's fantasy, staring strangely back at me

Bridge words (no guitar, has strings)

I've been afflicted for so long, all along I thought I would be fine
Lately, I've been losing so much sleep, infection of the soulish kind
Inside my thoughts begin to swell, welling up inside my fragile mind
Why must I contemplate all these actions that I hate? I need some time alone,
Some time alone with. . . . 
Gm  F#m   (4x)
Gm F#m Fm Em
I am wanting
I am needing
I am kneeling
I am needing

Riff 1:
Play twice in first half of chorus

Riff 2:
Play twice in last half of chorus

Bentley said the guitar is a G-Em, but it doesn't fit the recording and doesn't look like what Anthony and Freeman play in concert. I picked this up from seeing them play it in concert many times and off the album, so I may not be 100% correct. Check them out at Cornerstone and Youthfest and check out the album to get the strumming.
Добавлено: 11.10.2013
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