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Self - Glued To The Girl - текст песни, таба, видео

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Self - Glued To The Girl - текст песни, таба, видео

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Author/Artist: Self
Title: Glued to the Girl
Album: Feels Like Breakin' Shit
Transcribed by: Jordan Winick

you can figure out the arrangement by listening to the recording, and the
lyrics are elsewhere as well.

--------------|---------------------5----|-14-12----------|---------------|- --
--------------|------0--------------5----|-------15-14----|---------------|- --
--------------|-----------------4---5----|-------------14-|----4--7-------|- --
--------------|-------------------6-7----|----------------|-5--4--7--8--7-|- --
-5-5-5-7---4--|----6--------4-6----------|----------------|-5--2--5--8--7-|- --
---------5----|-4-------4-7---------5----|----------------|-3--2--5--6--5-|- --
 verse muted    Gt w/B     Bass    (soft)  synth line       G  Bm D  Bb A

------------------------------------------------|-----------|--------------- --
------------------------------------------------|-----------|--------------- --
-----5*6----------5*6----------5*6---6-7-6h7----|-7-----4-5-|-7------------- --
--------------------------------------------h7--|-7-8-5-4-5-|-7-----4-3-7-3- 7-
------------------------------------------------|-5-8-5-2-3-|-5-8-5-2-3-7-3- 7-
-5-5----------5-5---------5-5-------------------|-5-6-3-2-3-|-5-6-3---1-5-1- 5-
 *=trill~~~   distorted guit. lick                "Glued to the girl..."

------------|--------------------|------------------------------------------ --
------------|-7-5----------------|------------------------------------------ --
-3-4----7---|-----7-5-7-6--------|------------------------------------------ --
-3-4--5-7---|--------------------|-3-4-x-x-----x-x-3-4-x-x------------------ --
-1-2--5-5---|--------------------|-1-2-x-x-4-5-x-x-1-2-x-x-4-5-------------- --
------3-----|--------------------|---------2-3-------------2-3-------------- --
 girl girl    synth at end          "If you want to..."

verse muted: it sounds like there are two guitars at the same time on the
recording, but you can emulate that sound on the single notes by playing the
open string above each note

Gt w/ B: the bass plays the roots primarily (Gt w/ B stands for guitar with

Bass: there is no guitar in this part

(soft): played by synth and bass, but you can emulate it like this

G Bm D : Nigh bricks nor mortar can hold you in place....

girl girl : the part where he says "girl, girl, girl, girl." it is repeated.

Добавлено: 13.09.2013
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