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Searching For Anna - Fathers Day - таба, видео

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Searching For Anna - Fathers Day - таба, видео

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Fathers Day

By Ryan Perez




(verse 1)

Gsus                             D7                   E9       

            Look what^Òs happened to our family

Gsus                     D7        E9     C9    

            Watch as we just fall apart

Gsus                                     D7           E9        C9

            Can^Òt you see that we^Òre not happy (can^Òt you see)

Gsus                          D7         E9         C9      

            The sins of one have hurt us all



D7                         E9              xxxxC9            Gsus    

            Sorry to disappoint you^Å.dad

D7                          E9                         C9       Gsus    

            We^Òre not where you want to be

D7                          E9                   
C9                                    Gsus                

            You^Òre so blinded by self pity and anger

D7                           E9                         

            You^Òre so drunk that you can^Òt see


(verse 2)

Gsus                   D7                 E9                    C9

            Family photo falls crashing to the ground

Gsus                             D7                           
E9                       C9

            We carefully walk around on the pieces of broken glass

Gsus                 D7         
E9                                         C9

            I can^Òt bear the hate (the hate that^Òs in your voice)

Gsus                 D7               E9       C9                       

            I can^Òt stand your voice at all



(verse 3)

Gsus                           D7                E9            

            How does it feel to be the one that lives in fear (how does
it feel)

Gsus                               D7        
          E9                              C9

            Are you still in pain from the night that pain broke lose
(how does it feel)



(bridge) {screaming}  x 2

    Am                C9      G          

            Happy Fathers Day,

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