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Sean Mcconnell - Praise The Lord - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sean Mcconnell - Praise The Lord - аккорды и текст, видео

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Praise The Lord
Sean Mcconnell
Praise the Lord by Sean McConnell
(These are the actual chords, he capo's the 5th fret and plays in the C formation. So in 
other words, F = C, C = G, Dm = Am, A# = F when using a capo)

Verse 1:
            F                                       C
I used to shake you like an eight ball; I used to shoot you like a gun
           Dm                               Bb
I used to hold you like a hammer, tried to nail down everyone
           F                                C
I used to keep you in a steeple; I used to bind you in a book
           Dm                                   Bb
I used to take you like a scription', without knowing what I took

       C            Dm         Bb
And so I just don't buy it anymore
      C             Dm            Bb
No I try and I've tried to know everything for sure
       C           Dm         Bb
But I find I know less as I come to know you more
            C                                   Bb
You're not who I thought you were, praise the Lord

Verse 2:
                 F                        C
Your love's an ocean not a river, a symphony and not just a song
                 Dm                            Bb
I don't think everybody's right, I just think most of us are wrong
              F                                   C
I think that when we get to heaven, we're gonna' laugh when we can see
     Dm                                Bb
How hard we tried to make it, and how easy it should be

Verse 3:
             F                           C
Because providence is endless, and mercy is a mystery
     Dm                           Bb
And fear is no good reason to believe in anything
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