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Sean Mccann - Hold Me Mother - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sean Mccann - Hold Me Mother - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hold Me Mother
Sean Mccann
'Hold Me Mother' Chords by Sean McCann


G: 320033
C: x32033
D: xx0232
Em: 022033

G               C           Em              
Hold me Mother, I've met my match
C         G            D          C
Show me a family, with no strings attached
G                          C        Em
Hold me Mother, 'cause I'm outta control
   C            G          D         G
So tell me the story, that I need to know.

    G                 C          Em
You played the piano, when I was ten
C          G           D         C
When I was twenty, you played it again
G                      C      Em
Ten years went by, not even a note
C              G           D             G
That's all you showed me, that's all she wrote.

G                    C           Em
Now I'm a singer, in search of a song
   C          G              D              C
To do what is right, and to write, what was wrong
    G                         C          Em
Out here in the open, there's nowhere to hide
   C              G         D        G
So strap yourself in, let's go for a ride.

G                   C         Em
When I was fifteen, I met the pope
C          G          D             C
When I was sixteen, I met - rum and coke
         G                       C        Em
You were so disappointed, when I left him behind
   C         G          D          G
To find me a faith, that wasn't so blind. 



But I never found it
   C           G
So back here I am. 
My heart on my sleeve
      C          G
And a glass in my hand
So tell me a story, 
And make it half true
Was it something I did
   D         G
Or I did not do.


Hold Me Mother, I need some protection
There's cracks in these walls, upon closer inspection
The lights have come on, now I see things clearly
I know that you're here, but I don't know that you hear me. 

You gave your grandson, some rosary beads
He loves you like me, but that's not what he needs
He picks up the phone, tells you he's lost
You tell him 'bout someone, we nailed to a cross.



Hold Me Mother, I need to be guided
Look up to the sky, and remain undecided
You don't have to be young, to be set in your ways
You don't have to be old, to be wasting you days

       C             G           D             G
And if you were here now, this is what I would say.

~A very beautiful and moving song by Sean McCann...enjoy.
Добавлено: 24.08.2015
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