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Scud Mountain Boys - Please mr please - таба, видео

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Scud Mountain Boys - Please mr please - таба, видео

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Subject: s/scud_mountain_boys/
From: rcwoods
Date: 20 Jul 2005 14:03:15 -0700

Song: Please, Mr. Please
Artist: Scud Mountain Boys
Album: Pine Box

G+F# = 3x0032

{intro} x4
[G] [G+F#]

In the [G]corner of the [G+F#]bar there is a [G]jukebox [G+F#]
With the [G]best in country [G+F#]favorites, old and [Am]new
You can [Am]play your five selections for a [Am]quarter
And hear [C]someone's else's [D]when your song is [G]through


I got good Kentucky whiskey on the counter
I got friends around who will help me ease my pain
'Til some button-pushing cowboy plays that love song
And here I am just missing you again


Please, Mister, [G]ple[G+F#]ase, don't play [Am]B-17
It was [C]our song, it was [D]his song, but it's [C]o[D]ver
Please, Mister, [G]ple[G+F#]ase, if you [Am]know what I mean
I don't [C]ever wanna [D]hear that song [G]again [G+F#]

{verse instrumental}


{intro} x1

If I had a dime for every time I kissed you
Or for every time you stood so close to me
I swear I could be the richest girl in Nashville
If not the richest girl in Tennessee


Please, Mister, please, don't play B-17
It was our song, it was his song, but it's over
Please, Mister, please, if you know what I mean
I don't ever wanna hear that song again

I don't [C]ever wanna [D]hear that song [C]a[G]gain

{extra verse in original}
But I guess I'd better get myself together
'Cause when you left, you didn't leave too much behind
Just a note that said I'm sorry by your picture
And a song that's weighing heavy on my mind

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