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Saywecanfly - The Art Of Anesthesia - аккорды и текст, видео

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Saywecanfly - The Art Of Anesthesia - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
The Art Of Anesthesia
Watched a number of live performances of this song as well as listened to the record several
times... I don't believe this to be 999% accurate but it's close

Standard Tuning, Capo 2 to match the record

Chords Used:
E7sus4*: x20230                *For simplicity's sake I shall refer to this as an "E" in the tab
Asus4/Db**: x40230            **Likewise I will denote this as an "A" 
Dsus2/G***: 3x0230           ***And this will be labeled as "D"
Dsus4: xx0233
Dsus4/F#: 2x0233
Gsus2: 300233
Em7: 022033
A7: x02020

Intro tab: ((it's not 100% accurate, but it's close, feel free to make a suggestion/ correction))
D|----0000-----0000-----0000--------| Repeat as necessary

           E                            A
|Verse I|: Sometimes I think about who I should believe
The people who are dead or the people who are free
E                              A
Sometimes I hear them as they whisper to me
I try to stay awake so I won't die in my sleep
E                        A
And I was quick to take a second look through
The window on the door of the operating room
       E              A
And the adrenaline, it threw my eyes
To the table on the floor where the patients lie
E                   A
I saw his face and I could not speak
As the anesthetic kissed his cheek
          E                        A
I felt my lips go cold and my limbs go weak
            D                                           E
Because the body on the table where the patients die was me (repeat intro tab here if you wish)
E         A    D
It was me 

          E              A        D
|Chorus|: Give me back my oxygen mask
                      E                 A          D
Cause I don't want to feel the walls of my heart collapse
                E             A          D
So put me under I would sooner die on this table
               E           A        D
Than face what causes me to be so unstable

            E                      A
|Verse II|: There was a lie between my demons and me
And a body made of paper in the passenger seat
     E                    A
As I open my eyes, I could not see
I felt the stitches come loose and the blood run free
E                       A
And as my thoughts began to shake
I felt the hand of the darkness kiss my face
             E                   A
And then the devil woke up and he grabbed my throat
He pulled me down to the place where the silence grows
E                  A
He looks at me with hollow eyes
And he whispered my name as the flowers died
          E                 A
I felt my heart go cold as I sank between
    D                                   E  A  D
The ocean I am and the river I'm meant to be
E            A  D
I'm meant to be

|Repeat Chorus|

          Dsus4                  Dsus4/F#
|Bridge|: Now I'm standing by the window on a Sunday
      Em7                     Gsus2           A7
And I can't quite recall why I cannot move at all
And I feel so tired and wounded
Like the stitches on my soul came apart
             Gsus2            A7
I'm standing here in the dark
Well, maybe it's from the drinks we had last night
    Dsus4/F#                          Em7
But good god, I love those friends of mine
The best that alcohol can buy
Or maybe it's from the lack of sleep
              Dsus4/F#                                    Em7
But all those secrets I've kept, trying to be so sweet to you

It's dark, my dear
              Gsus2              A7
But it got me through, it got me through

|Repeat Chorus|

          E           A        D    E           A        D (hold)
|Refrain|:Causes me to be so unstable, causes me to be so unstable

         E                        A
|Outro|: Sometimes I wonder if I'm only a ghost
Wearing human skin I never chose
E                    A
I listen to the devil as he spoke
Because he tempted me with a beautiful rose

END; thank you for viewing please feel free to make
suggestions on any mistakes you think there are
Добавлено: 30.08.2015
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