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Saw Doctors - Letter From Louise - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Saw Doctors - Letter From Louise - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Letter From Louise
Saw Doctors
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Letter from Louise, from World of Good CD Single - SAW DOCTORS
	CHORDS: F7M  : XX3210

INTRO	C		F7M   (4 times)

VERSE 1		C	    F7M  
	I got a letter from Louise
		      C			 F7M  
	she says that things are getting better
		    C	        F7M  
	Theres more life on the streets
	     	  C		 F7M  
	since the calling of the ceasefire
	C		 F7M  
	People are going out more
	C	     	 F7M  
	all the pubs are jumping
	C	     F7M  
	Every one is trying
	           C		   F7M  
	and theyre hopeful for the future

	And the guns are locked away now
	       F		      G
	please God, I dont care whose God
  	  F			     G
	I hope theyre locked away forever
	C		F7M  
	C		F7M  

VERSE 2	    C		      F7M  
	She says shes keeping busy
		   C			F7M  
	and theres loads of things for doing
	     C		  F7M  
	Shes moved into a new house
     	    C		      F7M  
	and times just flying by
      	    C		       F7M  
	She says I should come up again
	C	      Fmay7
	maybe for the weekend
  	    C			   F7M  
	she says theyre throwing a party
		C		F7M  
	that'll last beyond the dawn


VERSE 3	     C		    F7M  
	Halloween is on the way she says
	    C		     F7M  
	she writes about the harvest moon
	    C		    F7M  
	She says it will be lucky
		 C	    F7M  
	with its feeling of re-birth
		C	    F7M  
	And i'm going up to see her
		C		     F7M  
	for the first time since the ceasefire
   	     C			  F7M  
	I'll pack my melodies and poetry
 	    C		      F7M  
	and place them in her arms

More songs from Galway's finest to follow...

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Damian Curtis
Leeds, United Kingdom
Добавлено: 25.06.2012
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