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Saviour Machine - American Babylon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Saviour Machine - American Babylon - аккорды и текст, видео

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American Babylon
Saviour Machine
		   "American Babylon"      
by: Saviour Machine
album: Saviour Machine II
written by: Saviour Machine
from: (Kalle Paju)
(C) 1994 By the author and the composers (GEMA)

This is very beautiful song for piano, but I'm
not very good piano player so I took my guitar
and here's the result! It's fun to play it with
guitar too. Near the end Jeff plays some nice licks
but I don't know yet how they actually go so here
is only the chords. I hope you enjoy it.

Dm-C x4

  Dm                                    C
A thousand bloody hand prints stain the walls of liberty,
  Dm                                C                     Dm
a stranger hides in dreams denied, awaiting his release.
I've seen this picture before.
  Dm                                 C
I never thought that we would end up here.
     Dm                  C
When fascism comes as an angel of light
    Dm                  C                        Dm
its license parading as tyranny drives forth its son.

Bb-Gm-Eb7M  -Dm-Bb-Gm-Eb7M  

    Dm                        C
The son of morning dominating fears,

afflicting fallen men.
    Dm                          C                       Dm
His body highly organized; it's coming into prominence
to bear its ominious warnings.
     Dm                              C
It's in your blood to comprehend its origin,
    Dm                    C
for those who refuse to remember the past are
condemned to repeat it,
    C                           Dm
the first and the last, dust to dust...

Bb-Gm-Eb7M  -Dm-Bb-Gm-A

Dm    Bb   F       C
History is his story
    Gm                      Dm
and life is laughing at its peril.
         F           C             Dm
Building towers that come forth in men,
         F         C             Dm
Shifting powers consuming us within,
          F           C       A
they will puzzle the apostles till the end.
Dm             A                 Bb    C        F C Dm
Enter into the silence, into the dying life of America,
C   Bb         A          Dm
the brave, the slave, the grave.


Dm-A-Bb-Gm-A-F-Bb-A x2

    Dm             A        Bb        Gm
The shattered pigs dying as primitive savages,
A            F            Bb                 A
eating their flesh, they will lie rotting in dirt,
        Dm        A            Bb             Gm
while a stranger among you has challenged the course
     A      F            Bb    A
of inhuman existence and alien forces.
    Dm         A               Bb          Gm
The birth of a black prince is setting the stage
       A           F         Bb          A
in its thriving dissension, exalting his rank,
        Dm       A             Bb        Gm
and the innocent man will fall victim to hands in the
A            F             Bb        A
trial of the truth and its twisted reversal.
    Dm       A               Bb           Gm
The union of factions bleeds shock to the system,
    A     F          Bb    A
for civilization has ended today.
        Dm       A         Bb         Gm
The transitional nature of acts and society
A             F               Bb         A
climbs in its place while its face re-creates
  Dm       Bb     F      C
until your god is dead.
Enlighten me with your pale statues,
face of inhibition,
               Bb        F C    Gm
and until your reign has ended, frighten me with your
stale-taste-tongue of inquisition.
        F           C             Dm          F
In your eyes I will come forth in men with no justice,
   C          Dm
no order to defend,
        F             C     A
and the stone will be cast again..
Dm             A              Bb     C         F C Dm
Enter into the fire, into the bloody gates of America,
C   Bb         A         Dm     C
the great, the fate, the late.

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