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Saturday Night Live - The Wishin Boot - аккорды и текст, видео

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Saturday Night Live - The Wishin Boot - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Wishin Boot
Saturday Night Live
The Wishin' Boot

Saturday Night Life Short

Blake Shelton, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon 

G,D,Em,C (CAPO 1)

INTRO: Softly..


Sometimes.. the storm clouds seem dark.. feels like there's no hope

But trust us.. there's somethin out there.. watchin over you

All you gotta do, is BELIEVE


G                  D
When I was 16, our farm burned down
   Em                         C
my daddy took to drinkin, all over town
G                           D
I raised my brothers in the old motel
           Em                  C
Went from livin in Heaven, to starvin in hellllll
    D                      G    
And then one day I heard a knock at the door
  Em                      C           D    
I opened it up, and saw a boot on the flooooooooor!!

It was the wishin boooooot
The wishin boooooot
     Em                                            C
The little black boot that makes your dreams come truuue!
It was the wishin boooooot,
It was full of foooood,
Em              D           C
When you're in need.. just belieeeeeve,
In the wishin boot....

G                         D
When I was young, no one taught me wrong from right,
         Em                        C
Started stealin trucks by-day, and hookin by niiiight,
G                       D
Goin nowhere fast, in a one-horse town,
       Em                         C
Shot a john in Amarillo, and they took me dooOOooown...
D                   G
I was in jail facin 20 to life,
Til the warden said there's a visitor here
C                D
Who wants to say hiiiiiIIIIIII!!

It was the wishin booooooot!
The wishin booooooot!
   Em                               C
It paid my bail and bought me a new suuuuit..
                    G                      D
Cuz that boot could see... see the good in meeee
Em            D           C
Next day-by dawn, it was goooooone...
The wishin booooot....

      G                           D      
I was workin in the barn, with my old dog Jake,
         Em                                    C
When the wishin boot appeared, and I thought, this is a mistake
  G                              D
I walked up to the boot to say, everything's alright,
         Em                           C
Then the boot pulled out a knife, and threatened my liiiife.
D                              G
This was not the wishin boot - it was a fake.
    Em                       C                D
And suddenly my good ole dog began to change shaaaape!

It was the wishin boooot!
The real wishin booooot!
    Em                                   C
The whole dang time the dog had been the boooot.
           G                       D
The wishin boooooot! Beautiful and truuuuue!
Em             C           D
You're so much more than a booooooooot!
You're the wishin boot...

BRIDGE: (Key Change to Em?) - Same chords but different progression
      Em             C                            D                                               
The wishin boot is a boot and it's there when you need it!!
      Em                        C                           D
Don't ask what it knows what it knows but just take what it gives youuuu!
    D              C          D
And neverrr let it gooooo  OOOOOOO!!

CHORUS: (Back to key of G)
It's the wishin boooooot!!
Just believe it's truuuuue!
     Em                                      C
It's hope in the form of a little ole' dirty boooot.
The wishin booooot!
The boot is youuuuuu!
Em            D                  C
Tell all your friends 'bout the boooot....
The wishin boot..

OUTRO: Play/speak softly

The wishin boot..

The wishin boot..

**The bridge may need some work but it sounds good enough!**

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