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Sara Bareilles - Tread Water - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sara Bareilles - Tread Water - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tread Water
Sara Bareilles
Tread Water
by Sara Bareilles


**** sabi ni jojo wag ko daw i submit kasi baka mali actually pinilit ko sya cifrahin to
ngumangata sya ng whole wheat bread at sumisipsip ng soya milk)...kasi naman... i like
song sooo much and i want to sing it that night... hindi siguro ganon ka eksakto pero 
ang ginamit namin sa set that night so for me its not so bad **** it can give u the idea

Musta sa pinas sa Carmona Cavite at sa Iligan from RIA BALDONANZA and JOJO CHAVIT sa thailand..

eto na nga!!!!!!!!!!!!

E               Ab   A
   Pardon me my mistake
               E         Ab      A
   Thought it might turn for a break
                   E        Ab   A
   But since the rain loves my face
               E  -   A
   i'll let it be

                  E         Ab    A
   Long since i gave up on long walks
           E       Ab    A
   To make up for long talks
                     E               A           E
   Cause lately the silence wont stop talking to me

                               F#             A
Chorus:        (And/Cause)  Im getting weary waiting for
                     B                      F#m
                the harbor lights to change
                        B             A
                ive forgotten what i do it for
                        E                   B
                but i tread water just the same
                        A - B7 - A - B7             A
                i tread water ....        i tread water

 E                         Ab
    Thought ive earned my fair share
               E     Ab  A
    heard the devil may care
           E                       A
    but i called him up he's not there
    what does that mean?

           (repeat chorus)

       E         F#m          A   E
    Thought that life would lead far from beauty's beast
  E            A        E                A
    well    i know at least   you cant count me out
    cause im used to the water now

    (repeat 1st 4 lines of chorus)


         F#              A                B                 F#m
and i'll never let this pair of hands forget to pull their weights
                     B                F#m               A
it's burdened maybe more than i would like to bear but less than i can take
                 A - B7 - A - B7
and ill tread water

tread water   tread water  tread water  fade...

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Добавлено: 14.10.2013
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